Melody Uyanga Ramsay is a Scottish-Mongolian fashion designer whose work focuses on heritage, ethics, sustainability and its intersections using fashion. 

Born in the dust of horses in Mongolia, raised in a Scottish seaside town, Ramsay currently studies Fashion Design at the Glasgow School of Art  where she is Lead Representative for the School of Design.

After gaining invaluable experience at notable fashion houses such as Ralph LaurenFendi and Loewe she has honed her own creative vision working between fashion, installation, performance, video and designed object.

Her work has appeared in editorials of publications such as Vogue Italia, LOVE Magazine,The Skinny, Suke Ban, The National, The Guardian and The Metro. 

As you start to figure out her visual language; the process of theoretical and historical research becomes evident as a form of figurative expression, transporting you with tailored British narratives and a homage to Mongolian horse-riding culture. This melting-pot of culture and art forces to overwhelm and define you. 

Through her research, she has developed a design process that involves a rich cross-pollination of sources, bringing together literary, material and visual references. 

Her 2020 graduate collection is presented as a meditation on cultural narratives, presented within a carefully considered scenography and diverse casting. Drawing upon the images and textiles of authoritarian dress in a transnational dialogue, she moves across time and space by bringing these references under the lens of a new era in postcolonial critique.

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