Social Media & Content Creation

Social Media & Content Creation

Through my work as a Concept Design Intern, MSYP, Assistant Fine Art Curator, Young Arts Ambassador, Lead Rep & Deputy Warden I have worked alongside a vast scope of teams developing and creating content that can be used across a variety of media including digital, social media, broadcast and print.  

I am committed to every brief with every emphasis on the customer and client. I take pride in my ability to research, prepare and develop unique and impactful media to maximize audience engagement.  

My supervisors have particularly commended me on my aptitude for capturing the ethos, strategy and objectives of the brand and needs of the customer they are representing. 

From my BA (Hons) in Fashion Design, it became obvious to me that my heart lay in creative concepts and strategies to translate this into media, advertising and marketing campaigns. 

I take the thrilling energy of a campaign and design the elements that can be used across media platforms and channels.  

My work has always relied on an innate sense of collaboration with designers and developers, using authoring languages to create content for the public, which may include video, images, text and web pages and social media content. 

Polo Ralph Lauren

During my internship in the Concept Design Department at Polo Ralph Lauren I had the great pleasure of working alongside a talented and passionate team researching inspiration, brain storming content for the Polo App, scouting for brand influencers collaborations, styling campaigns, and experiences that bring the Polo brand and its products to life in fresh and sophisticated ways—on the app and across other channels, including social media,, and in physical retail spaces.

Key Insights and knowledge gained

  • Researching and pitching concepts that blend storytelling and commerce.
  • Formulas to develop, and execute smart, unexpected creative solutions in keeping with the design aesthetic of the Polo brand.
  • Understanding the fundamentals of asset creation for the app and channels, including: creating and presenting concept decks, identifying outside talent to partner with (photographers, videographers, artists, graphic designers, models, writers), and art directing shoots, both on figure and still life/Show Rooms. 
  • Presenting original ideas while respecting the heritage of the brand. 
  • Assisting senior creatives, marketing brand leads, and design/merchandising teams.
  • Developing collection concept boards for presentation to brand managers and senior designers.
  • Assisting design and styling teams on photo sets, as well as in pre-pro and post production.
  • Adapting and managing my time between multiple projects adhering to creative briefs, timelines and budgets.
  • Composing image curation and visual storytelling, typography, layout, form and colour .
  • Working directly under senior designers to execute concepts.
  • Delivering assets and valuables in the correct format and on time.

 GSA Sustainability in Action

With the support of SiAG I was able to visit Oxfam’s huge Wastesaver Factory in Batley, Huddersfield. My work in fashion design focuses on sustainability, ethics and its intersections, utilizing fashion as a vehicle to discuss the consistent legacy of colonization and its relationship to our current climate emergency.

From my investigative research trip I documented how Oxfam discard their unsold clothes and learned that the majority of the clothes that don’t sell on their online shops are sent to be burned at an energy plant or sold on to markets in Senegal via Frip Ethique an Oxfam-run social enterprise.

I then made a short film about my trip to the factory and my struggle with this waste displacement system as it is a structure where people of the Global South are dependent on the unwanted products of ‘developed’ nations and strips them of the opportunity to control their own textile economies and local businesses.

The Film

The Blog Post

GSA Halls

My main responsibilities as a deputy warden was to assist in the line management of the Resident Advisors, Keep social media channels and notice boards up to date, build the Halls community by providing a platform for support in the residents’ transition from home to university life. Ensuring that we offer an all-inclusive community I assisted in the recruitment of resident champions or student volunteers.  

  • Create and manage social media content using an Excel content calendar.
  • Stay extremely organised, and follow content calendars and schedules seamlessly. 
  • Write, code and schedule daily content.
  • Maintain and hone a positive and engaging tone of voice, ensuring all posts are aligned with the GSA Halls values.
  • Cultivate and maintain GSA Hall’s digital community by answering questions and encouraging engagement.
  • Adapting to social trends and reporting feedback to the wider team.
  • Run the GSA Halls Facebook and Instagram pages, engaging with members, organising competitions and working to grow it.
  • Outreach to other GSA societies for potential partnerships.
  • Oversee the Instagram Stories, uploading and creating them daily.
  • Working overtime and unusual hours taking into consideration the 24/7 nature of the job.  
  • Creating GSA Halls specific original content, including calendars, bingos, self-help and mental health posts.

Glasgow School of Art Lead Student Representative 2019

My main responsibilities as the Lead Rep for the School of Design included planning and hosting the Design School Forums to really engage staff with students and facilitate good communication practice.  

I particularly enjoyed advertising events online and in print for students creating awareness around the opportunities available to enhance their overall GSA learning experience.  

I initiated and chaired design specialism Rep Meetings to get specific departmental information and updates, by reflecting on working environments and future improvements.  

I worked to address complaints quickly as students respected the acknowledgement of their voice being heard and acted upon.  

I set up the School of Design Instagram account as a tool for gathering real-time feedback and engaging with students which proved to work exceptionally well in comparison to online surveys and paper forms.  

I curated a mental health & Well-being book display in the GSA library to promote the Student Rep system. 

Creative Scotland Young Arts Ambassador

Youth arts advisors selected from across Scotland were appointed to guide the delivery of Scotland’s National Youth Arts Strategy, Time to Shine. The National Youth Arts Advisory Group played a crucial role in shaping the future of arts for young people in Scotland. 

Time to Shine, Scotland’s National Youth Arts Strategy, sets out a vision and key recommendations to enable Scotland’s children and young people to flourish and achieve, in and through the arts and culture. 

Appointed and supported by Young Scot and Creative Scotland, I was part of a group of young people aged 14-20 selected for our enthusiasm for arts education and creativity. As part of my role, I worked to develop new ways for young people in South Ayrshire to access and engage in arts and creativity, documenting photos and text for Twitter and Facebook.

Young Scot Year of Young People 2018

I was part of the initial planning group for the Year of Young People 2018 (YoYP2018) aimed to inspire Scotland through it’s young people, celebrating their achievements, valuing their contribution to communities, and creating new opportunities for them to shine locally, nationally, and globally.

I worked alongside a team of young people and event coordinators at Young Scot, Edinburgh to conceptualise, plan and develop a year long calendar of events, workshops and awards.

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